4 things to know about transitioning your career from oil & gas to renewable energy

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is permanent. The pandemic among other things has completely changed the way the world functions. More specifically, it saw a record breaking low in terms of demand for diesel, gasoline and petroleum and completely shaped the industry’s most transformative moments. Thousands of jobs were lost, projects put on hold or abandoned, and oil prices hit an all-time low. So where does this leave the employees who’ve built their careers within this industry?


Rising investments in clean, renewable energy

The UAE recently pledged to invest AED600 billion ($163 billion) in clean and renewable energy by 2050. The investment is part of the UAE's efforts to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This announcement comes just weeks after the inauguration of the 300 megawatt (MW) first stage of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Forthcoming onshore wind projects in Oman and solar projects in Saudi Arabia will also provide exciting opportunities for engineers in the future. As more and more countries are committing to climate control measures and sustainability initiatives, renewable energy proves to be the future of the global energy landscape.


Renewable energy will have the highest job growth

Although the renewable energy industry has also been impacted by the pandemic, it’s fared better than oil and gas and is picking up steadily. With increased investments in the industry, renewable energy is shaping up to be the energy sector with the highest job growth. However, with substantial growth comes workforce challenges.

Renewable energy companies cite the lack of experienced field technicians and experienced engineers in areas like performance engineering as a massive roadblock to meeting growth targets as well as delivering their projects on time and within budget. For oil & gas professionals, the good news is that you likely possess these in-demand skills among others, that can help you transition to a career in renewable energy.


Transferable skills for a career in renewable energy

“There’s no magic to renewable technologies... Managing a wind farm or solar project is nothing a good oil and gas man who has built or organized facilities cannot manage,” said Adriaan Kamp, Founder of Energy For One World, in an interview with the Guardian.

Oil & gas professionals that have worked in project management, engineering, construction, finance, or operations are most likely to have the skills needed to work in solar energy or wind energy. You can also seek out training opportunities to improve your transferable skills or gain new ones.


Advice on beginning your renewable energy job search

Before starting your renewable energy job search, consider which area of the industry you are most interested in. The renewable energy industry is comprised of different clean energy sources, including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and bioenergy. Research roles in each and compare them to your work experience.

You’ll also want to update your resume. When listing your work experience and responsibilities, we recommend emphasizing and detailing the parts of your job that are transferable. Instead of listing specifics that would only be relevant to an oil company, focus on your project management skills, if you were involved in planning, purchasing, and HSE.

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