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We hear the word “unprecedented” mentioned a lot at the moment to define the current global situation. In the news, in articles we read online, and in everyday conversation, this is a popular term that’s become part of our everyday vocabulary. And it’s correct. Currently, the communities across our world are being met with a challenge that we could never have expected.  

But every day, we’re hearing stories about people and companies coming together to stand up and put their expertise to use. The manufacturing and engineering industry is stepping up and supporting people to get through this challenging time. 

Hashim Kapadia, Senior Business Partner of Progressive Recruitment Dubai, talks us through two top innovative manufacturers that have been working immensely hard to help out our front line staff. Check it out below:

Companies sharing their expertise 

Various businesses across the engineering and manufacturing space are working hard to refocus their efforts in light of the current situation – they’re using their resource to tackle supply as well as manufacturing challenges. The global shortage of face shields and face masks – which are utilised by key workers - has been well documented. We’re now seeing multiple manufacturing and engineering operations shifting their approach and using their expertise to help this cause.   


Exxon Mobil 

ExxonMobil and the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) recently announced plans to initiate multi-sector and joint development projects to rapidly redesign and manufacture reusable personal protection equipment for health care workers, including face shields and masks. 

The company is applying its deep knowledge and experience with polymer-based technologies in combination with GCMI to facilitate development and expedite third-party production of innovative safety equipment that can be sterilized and worn multiple times.  

A new industrial-style mask is being fast-tracked for production. The design improves coverage of a health care worker’s nose and mouth and will use a replaceable cartridge system that includes a filtration fabric to prevent contact spread of the virus from the saturated filter. In this design, the filters are disposable while the main component of the mask can withstand repeated sterilization, thus prolonging the life cycle of the product and addressing shortages of N95 masks. 



Dubai-based 3D printing start-up Immensa, is switching gears. The company specialises in manufacturing spare parts within the oil and gas industry, but they’ve now begun producing medical face shields.  

The company's engineers took about six hours to adapt hardware to produce the shields and they’re currently dedicating 30-40% of its capacity on their production. It has supplied nearly 5,000 units of these face shields to different organisations including Hira Industries and Emirates food industries. With so much resource packed into this new endeavour, it’s highly encouraging to see a company like this utilising their power on something that will help to protect people all over the world right now.  

The face shields are crucial for individuals working in healthcare and food industries and for those whose jobs require regular human interaction such as drivers, delivery people and supermarket employees. 


We’re here to help 

Hashim concludes by saying - "These are challenging times but it's brilliant to see big businesses adapt and shift parts of their workforce to combat a global crisis.

By doing so they are easing the pressure on healthcare authorities and providing front line workers with the necessary equipment to save more lives."

At Progressive, everything we do is rooted in the deepest admiration and gratitude for the unbelievable people we are lucky to call our partners. We are immensely inspired by all frontline workers who are dedicating their life to combat the evolving situation by working on developing drugs, vaccines, and other cures for COVID-19.   

Are you looking for a career that can make a difference in this pandemic, or is your organisation in need of engineers, and manufacturing experts? Get in touch with us today. 


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