Tips for successful virtual job interviews

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Companies worldwide are increasingly using video conferencing platforms to carry out planned job interviews now more than ever.

We have summarised the most important information about the digital job interview process for applicants and companies.

Increasing the efficiency of application processes with the help of apps

To bring the world a little closer, companies today are using video conferencing platforms more than ever to conduct interviews for vacancies and projects. Video conference apps are a very popular method for applicants who are based internationally or for those that simply cannot appear in person and have several benefits to using them:


Higher information content compared to a telephone conversation

Using facial expressions, gestures and other visual impressions, companies can make a more informed assessment of whether the applicant as a person could fit well with the company and the future team.

A video conference also offers applicants the advantage that they can use this information to get a better impression of the potential new company and line manager. This visual information also leads to more commitment (self-commitment) compared to a telephone exchange.

Cost and time savings compared to a personal conversation

The time factor of interviews are extremely important and can sometimes be limited for both applicants and busy decision-makers. Highly qualified applicants, in particular, are most heavily involved in work processes and therefore not very flexible in terms of time. Thanks to the use of video conference technologies, conversations can be accelerated, along with the overall application process compared to other companies that don’t have this flexibility.

In addition, accruing travel and accommodation costs can be saved by using such tools.


Driving the way in being a modern employer

By using modern communication technologies, such as  Zoom or Microsoft Teams, employers are showing applicants their innovative ability and open-mindedness towards value-added technological developments. Clients, candidates and employees will appreciate that you are setting a goal to maintain constant communication, regardless of what the circumstances may be.


We put together a list of the four best tips for video conference interviews below:

 1. Good preparation

Companies are fully aware that qualified and motivated employees are the decisive success factor for long-term corporate success. Therefore, as an interviewer, take enough time to study the applicants' documents in advance and not only during the interview. Your counterpart will register this visually and assess if there is a lack of appreciation or relevance of the conversation on your part.

Applicants should also take this advice to prepare well for the virtual interview. Since you are sitting on your private computer, you also have all the relevant documents ready for any queries. Take advantage of this and put together relevant documents in a folder that you can quickly access in advance of the interview and think about potential questions that can be asked by the company. 


 2. Sufficient time

As a company, communicate in the invitation how much time you have available for the interview. With a clear time frame and defined discussion goals, you can make the video conference call a positive experience for the applicant.

For applicants, allow plenty of time and prepare yourself for everything you will need before, during and after the call. If there is a change in time or the conversation takes longer than planned, you can act flexibly.


 3. Suitable environment

If you, as the interviewer, do not have the opportunity to conduct the conversation from a quiet room, then communicate this in good time. Applicants usually understand this and appreciate the communication prior to an interview so that it doesn't throw them off. Central to this, however, is expectation management, i.e. timely announcement and reasons why you cannot conduct the conversation from a suitable room.

As an applicant, you should ensure that you have a quiet place for the interview. Strong noises or people in the background can negatively affect the quality of the conversation. You may also have the disadvantage of not understanding the company's questions acoustically if the background noise is poor.


 4. Mental health

The day-to-day work of decision-makers in companies is usually highly concentrated in terms of time. Anyone who can gather themselves briefly before the conversation and calm down will radiate greater sovereignty. This can increase your attractiveness as an employer and mean that you will not have to invest any more time in the future because you have already won over the applicants.

Applicants should also take the time to collect themselves mentally to leave a confident impression in the conversation. As far as possible, prepare yourself for potential questions and think about questions that you would like to ask the company in a conversation. Write them down and have them beside you throughout the interview so you are fully ready and less anxious.

We are happy to advise and support you in the introduction of video-based job interviews and also share interesting ideas with you.

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