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Business meeting where two people are shaking hands

7 tips for your first day at a new job!

26 Mar 2019

First days can be tough - our specialist recruiters offer expert advice to help your first day go smoothly!

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5 tips for introverts who want to succeed in a sales role

21 Mar 2019

Read about 5 tips for introverts who want to succeed in a sales role from Progressive Recruitment

Man celebrating new job with colleagues

Top tips when preparing for your new job!

19 Mar 2019

Preparing for a new job is tough, whether its in oil and gas, engineering, power and renewables, or IT. Here's a few things to remember to help you relax before starting your new role!

Man walking away with briefcase

Eight ways to leave your current position

13 Mar 2019

Whether you're working in energy, engineering, or IT, there's no easy way to leave your job - our specialist recruitment consultants offer top tips on the best ways to move on from your role.

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Top tips for your next interview!

11 Mar 2019

Whether you're looking for a job in oil and gas, power, IT, or engineering, getting the interview right is important. Take a look at tips from our expert recruitment consultants!

two men discussing and amending a CV

Ten tips to enhance your CV

04 Mar 2019

Getting your CV right is essential when looking for a job in IT, oil, gas, energy, or engineering. We spoke to our expert recruiters to learn some top tips!

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Introducing Mind The Gap

Mar 2019

Learn about what our new Mind The Gap campaign Lead, Amanda Wiper, has in store for 2019!

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