At Progressive Recruitment, we take a holistic approach to supporting contractors to ensure you benefit from the flexibility of being a contractor whilst protecting your rights as an employee. 

As a contractor with Progressive Recruitment, you will have the choice to contract with us in two different ways:

1. Enter into an agreement with one of our approved umbrella companies.

2. Set yourself up as a UK limited company and ensure you are listed as the director and are in sole financial control of the company.

Our approved umbrella companies can help with both options and can also support you with contractor insurance and advice on health, safety and environment training and getting a HSE passport.

If you’ve accepted an assignment as a contractor with Progressive Recruitment, our contractor care team will get in touch with you to go through the on boarding process and explain to you how to use the system and also answer any questions you have. You will also receive access to our online worksheet system to manage your hours.

If you chose to trade with Progressive Recruitment through a limited company, our contractor insurance umbrella company, Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, will make an insurance compliance check call to ensure you have the correct levels of business insurance to meet your contractual requirements.

View our approved list of umbrella companies and find out more about contractor insurance and getting a HSE passport.

Accountancy Service Provider List

Health Safety Environment Passport

Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance

Umbrella Company Approved Supplier List