• Australia committed to enhance IT sector with increased expenditure in 2017-18


    Technology has been the catalyst for growth across the Asia-Pacific region and for us here in Progressive Australia (part of the larger SThree group), we are excited to assist this plan with the region reinstating its commitment to channel its resources into this sector. With the announcement of the Budget, along with the support of Gartner’s analysis of the market, it was p...

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption to pick up pace in Australia


    The rise of AI trends around technologically-savvy nations have been rapid with its state-of-the-art capabilities to improve efficiency and productivity of businesses. While starting slightly behind the early adopters of AI, Australia needs to start picking up its pace in the race towards a smart city revolution. A survey of business leaders has discovered that Australian co...

  • Family Day with Progressive in Australia


    Thank you to all our Clients and Candidates who joined us at our Family Day last Saturday. We were delighted to have had more than 220 clients, candidates and their families join Progressive at a private screening of Captain Underpants at the HOYTS Entertainment Quarter. Before the movie, there were fun-filled activities such as face painting, balloon sculpting, an activity ...

  • How is Dubai strengthening its efforts on cyber security?


    As stated in the Internet Security Threat Report from security-giant Symantec, the UAE is the second most targeted country in the Middle East for cyber-attacks. This has placed the region on high alert as they attempt to work towards a smart and digital city. What initiatives have been taken? Cyber Security Strategy 2017 To ensure that its goal is an achievable and sustainab...

  • Struggles of the Oil sector in Southeast Asia: long-term or a passing phase?


    Acclaimed to play an indisputable role in the global energy market with fast growing economies, Indonesia ranks third largest natural gas resource in Asia after Turkmenistan and China. This has paved way for Southeast Asia to reign as a region rich in oil and gas resources. However, the outlook for growth within this sector in the region remains bleak. With declining product...

  • Is Dubai becoming more aggressive with cloud computing?


    The global metropolis is making its move to transform the state into a smart nation and this is now being accompanied by the integration of cloud computing. While the UAE's cloud market is still in its early stages of the adoption cycle when compared to the developed economies, their large enterprises have been able to leverage on the cloud market, with the assistance of int...

  • The Importance of a Diverse Workforce


    What is the importance of a diverse workforce? And how can we attract and retain talent? The journey of gender diversity in Australian workplaces, for the majority of businesses, still has a long way to go; while awareness of the issue seems to be increasing, there is no quick fix so progress remains frustratingly slow. The most recent report from the Workplace Gender Equali...

  • Providing our Customers with the Best Tech Solutions #becauseitmatters


    As new technologies change our digital landscape, the demand for highly skilled IT professionals increases to match. Our recruiters from Progressive, an SThree brand, work hard to stay one step ahead of the curve, always evolving to match the changing demands of this market, and continue to provide our customers with the best solutions for their needs. Rebecca Teague, an App...

  • Developing the High Achievers of Tomorrow


    Being an effective recruitment agency means maintaining a keen awareness of what's happening in the job market, and keeping a finger on the pulse of what employers and candidates are looking for. What a person in 2017 wants from their career is vastly different to what someone in a similar role would have wanted even just ten years ago, and the best organisations are those t...

  • Salesforce: The Trending CRM


    Over the last three years there has been a steady increase in spending on CRM Software internationally, and with Salesforce still holding the top spot, with almost a 20 per cent market share according to Gartner, it’s not surprising that there is a shortage of Salesforce Professionals in the Australian Market. This increase in investment and market share means experienced de...