​An engineer's first day of work can be intimidating. It’s not uncommon to feel a bit of anxiety about not knowing what to expect. Even after prepping for your first 90 days, you’re still stressed about making a great first impression. To help alleviate some of the worry, here are a few tips for an engineer’s first day of work.

Wear your favorite outfit

For your first day, you obviously want to dress to impress. However, rather than buy a brand new wardrobe, it might be better to wear what you know you’re already comfortable wearing—as long as it adheres to the company’s dress code. The last thing you want is your mind focused on the brand new shoes you’re breaking in or the stiffness of your new pants.

Be Early

Don’t arrive on time. Get there early! This is great advice for a number of reasons. If the job is in an unfamiliar part of town, the extra time you give yourself will allow you to find your way with ease and not feel rushed. If you take public transportation, the extra time can provide a buffer if your train or bus is running late. Giving yourself this extra time in the morning could also be used to grab a coffee and to help you relax and mentally prepare for the day.

Learn as many names as possible

On your first day of work, your manager will most likely introduce you to a bunch of people—some you’ll be working closely with and others not so much. It would be unfair to expect you to memorize everyone’s name on the first day, but do make a concentrated effort to make note of key people, their job titles, and the role they play in the organization. If you weren’t provided one, ask for an organizational chart.

Don’t wait to be introduced

Your manager probably won’t have time to introduce you to everyone in the company, so make it a point to introduce yourself to others. It can be a bit intimidating to walk over to strangers and introduce yourself, but honestly, establishing the relationship on day one will help you feel more comfortable in your new setting. Plus, you never know when you might be collaborating together or who just might turn out to be the engineer mentor you needed.

Ask questions

If anything is unclear on your first day, speak up. Your manager probably won’t be able to walk you through everything throughout the day, but they will be expecting you to ask questions. Every new engineer is given a grace period to acclimate to their new environment. Use this time to fully understand what the company’s goals and objectives are and what is expected of you.

An engineer’s first day of work is crucial. Remember, your partners at Progressive are here to ensure your success. If you need more advice and tips on starting your new job, whether before or after your first day, get in touch!